ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database

ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database 6.0

Contains data on multiple types and models of fittings
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6.0.4 (See all)

Create and design models of ducts and piping by referencing the extensive database of fitting and connections. The program includes search options and browsing tools for finding and viewing info on round, rectangular, and flat oval duct fittings with pictorial outlines.

This database, available on CD, includes loss coefficient tables for more than 200 round, rectangular, and flat oval duct fittings. Featuring pictorial outlines of each fitting, this CD is useful to design engineers dealing with a variety of duct fittings. For any given fitting, the user may enter the flow rate and fitting information and obtain loss coefficient data and associated pressure loss. The CD includes table data for supply, exhaust, and common (supply/return) duct functions, and is fully printable. Fittings may be saved into a project file, which is easily navigated through using a pop-up navigation window and is small enough to be stored and transferred. Also, an "Explorer" view gives the user an integrated graphic view of all fittings and headings.

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